This page last updated: September 8, 2016.


The Peterborough Thunder Volleyball Club was formed to provide youth with an opportunity to learn and compete in the sport of volleyball. However, it is our philosophy that athletes should participate in a variety of sports, and therefore we do not discourage athletes from participating on their school athletic teams.

Our club consists mostly of volunteers who receive little or no renumeration for their efforts, sacrificing their own time to provide an opportunity to learn and experience the sport of volleyball. The Club Executive, coaches, parents, and athletes must work together to promote the development of the athletes and ensure the success of the team and club. Any concerns regarding coaching decisions will be directed to the Club Executive.

Payment of club fees does not guarantee equal playing time during qualification and championship tournaments, however equal time will be managed during practice and exhibition games.

Players are encouraged to play with their own age group. Experienced athletes can help the team advance more quickly and it provides an opportunity for the athletes to develop their leadership skills.

The Peterborough Thunder program is supported by the Ontario Volleyball Association and is a non-profit organization.

In terms of our OVA Teams, please note that since 2012, all athletes on PTVC rep teams must tryout for their age division only.

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